Essie Winter 2013 Collection Swatches

Essie Winter 2013 Collection

Essie Winter 2013 Toggle to the Top

Essie Winter 2013 Toggle to the Top

 Toggle to the Top

Essie Winter 2013 Shearling Darling

Essie Essie Winter Shearling Darling

Shearling Darling 

Essie Winter 2013 Sable Collar

Essie Winter 2013 Sable Collar

 Sable Collar without flash (top), and with flash (bottom)

Essie Winter 2013 Parka Perfect

Essie Winter 2013 Parka Perfect

 Parka Perfect

Essie Winter 2013 Warm and Toasty Turtleneck

Essie Winter 2013 Warm and Toasty Turtleneck

Warm & Toasty Turtleneck

Essie Winter 2013 Mind Your Mittens

Essie Winter 2013 Mind Your Mittens

Mind Your Mittens without flash (top), and with flash (bottom)

Do you need a second to compose yourself? It’s okay, I totally understand. Because this collection made me all uncontrollably giddy and excited, too. Essie’s winter 2013 collection is, without a doubt, drop-dead-gorgeous. And I think you can see that for yourself. Okay, where do I even begin? First of all, all six polishes were really great to apply. The photos are each two coats + topcoat, and they’re all really opaque, super glossy and squishy, and so, so dreamy.

Toggle to the Top is a super glitter packed red that I thought would be identical to Essie’s Leading Lady, released a while ago. I mean, they look identical in the bottle. On the nail, though, not so much. I’ll try and get up some comparison swatches, but LL is much more of a true red, while TttT (any more T’s?) is definitely deeper, richer, and darker. In my opinion, it’s worth having both -but that’s just the crazy nail polish hoarder inside of me speaking (no but seriously, you need both). Bottom line: I love this shade and it would be so perfect for the holidays, right?!

Shearling Darling is a gorgeous, deep merlot color (fancy, huh?) and I’m just smitten for these types of shades. The vampy family of colors look good -always. And are totally chic. And I just love dark nails in general so this one easily found its way into my heart.

Sable Collar. W-O-W. This color is o.m.g gorgeous and if you buy only one shade from this collection, it needs to be this one (and maybe Mind Your Mittens -but DEFINITELY this one). It’s a grey-ish based with coppery, golden pink shimmer all over that is just perfect from all angles. It’s seriously amazing and completely unique. A total, total must have, in my humble opinion.

Parka Perfect (love the name, Essie!) is, well, pretty much perfect. It’s a deep green teal shade that feeds into my obsession with vampy dark colors. So naturally, I ♡ it all kinds. And I want to it wear it all of fall and winter, along with the rest of the seasons perfect, deep polish shades.

Warm & Toasty Turtleneck (this name makes me feel all warm and toasty inside and has me wanting a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, no?) is a pretty lilac shade that I would never pick for winter -but oddly works. It’s a pastel, but it’s not bright, making it perfectly cold-weather appropriate. I’m partial to anything purple, and with a name like that, really, it’s just setting itself up for success.

Mind Your Mittens (Meep! These names!) is really, just so, so pretty. It’s a dusty, sea-foamy pale blue-green color with that silver shimmer Essie does that I just love (re: this and this post). And I didn’t want to take it off. I don’t own anything like it, and I’d say it’s another one to pick up if you’re forced to choose between all six shades (which is torturous, really). Like Warm & Toasty Turtleneck it’s one of those shades that oddly winter appropriate. Like, a wintery pastel color, if that makes sense.

So, I really love this collection. Could you tell? There’s not one shade I wouldn’t have bought and for me, Essie never disappoints. Plus I love that you really get a little bit of everything in their winter shades -glitter, shimmer, creme… It’s all there. The colors are spot on, totally flattering, and I want to wear them all at once -so that usually means I’m obsessed. But enough about me! Your turn to talk: will you be getting any of these colors? What’s your favourite shade -and polish name (cause I’m weird like that)?

*These polishes were (so, so, so) generously sent to me; but trust me, girl, I got your back. My opinion above is as honest as it gets.

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  1. Becca

    I bought the one you have labeled as Parka Perfect from Ulta and the bottle says it’s Mind Your Mittens. Hmmmm


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